Who we are

Quadri Agencies represents a 100 percent union based financial services company with combined assets of more than $2.3 billion with more than $37.9 billion of benefits in force for working families and consists of offices in Flushing NY, Long Island City NY, Long Island NY and New Rochelle NY.

our Mission


Our Focus will be on educating, and instructing our representatives and managers on all of the current programs and systems as outlined by the Quadri Agencies and its parent company. We will use these tools to set a new and higher standard of achieving goals.

Our Aim is centered on creating an environment that fosters teamwork and risk taking, within the parameters of our existing systems. All doors are open to anyone who wishes to bring new ideas or an improved version of an existing system to the table.

Our Mission is to build our customer base through the use of hiring, training, coaching, and mentoring new representatives and managers to produce the numbers that will consistently move us in a forward and positive direction. We will be using the I.C.O.N. standard; Identify, Correct, Organize and Nurture. Our systems will reflect our unique managing styles and personalities.

Our Expectation of our representatives and managers are no less than the parameters set forth by our parent company, but will adhere to the principals set forth in this constitution to remain far-reaching, with the full expectation of exceeding those goals and setting a new and attainable standard for all other agencies to follow.

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Success Stories

At Quadri Agencies success is everywhere. By offering financial services you not only protect families, it helps to secure your financial freedom. You won’t have to look too far to find stories of success, you’ll find testimonies with every member of our agency.

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Reynolds Akuamoa (Long Island City, NY)

"I joined Quadri Agencies in August of 2010. Prior to joining Quadri Agencies, I worked in the financial service industry however I lost my passion for the business. I realized that if you are not passionate about something, you tend to lose the drive to achieve more. I wanted to be in a position as to where I can give back to individuals similar to myself and be successful while doing it. Fast forward five years later, as a General Manager, I have the ability to lead individuals to pursue their goals and live a lifestyle while doing it. Never did I think I would be in a position to make the money I make on a weekly basis, while helping others live their very best life."

Moe Moalawi (Long Island, NY)

“My journey with the agency started 4 years ago. My main motivation for joining Quadri Agencies centered around the incredible growth potential for both myself and the company and the option to retire in 10 years. My goal was to reach the highest level of management. I was able to accomplish my goal in 2 years. I am faced with exciting new challenges every day, and my management team provided me with the support to overcome any roadblocks. The career opportunity has made a financial impact in my family's life and my friends who chose to take this opportunity with me financially. My position allows me to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow.”

Nasr Quadri (New Rochelle, NY)

"After having my first child I realized I wouldn't be able to provide the life I would want for him by staying in the corporate world on a fixed income. I knew I was worth more but had no control over the typical retail banking promotion schedule. I worked harder than most employees in my position but at the end of the week we all received the same compensation. At the Quadri Agencies, you are compensated on the amount of work that you put in and can control that on a daily basis. How many places can you make an additional 3-4k on a weekly basis by just deciding to work harder and smarter? Within my first year at Quadri Agencies I made a six-figure income which was the pinnacle of what you would reach in the banking industry after 10 years of service. Each year I push myself harder and harder to reach new heights that I never imagined possible in the corporate world."


Discover Unlimited Growth and Opportunity

This business opportunity gives you the freedom to have the lifestyle you’ve been looking for. Whether you dream of having financial freedom, the freedom to travel to exotic places, or the freedom to have more time to spend with your family; if you can dream it, we can help you achieve it.

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